Detox is certainly a vital first step in the recovery journey. However, it should never be the last. After detox programs that break the cycle of physical dependence, Serenity House residential addiction treatment should be the next step.

Group therapy as part of Serenity House Health residential addiction treatment

The Problem with Skipping Residential Addiction Treatment

Many people believe they have addiction under control after detox. However, skipping further addiction treatment services is a mistake. While your body may be rid of addiction’s physical hold, you still have to address the behaviors that helped your disease develop.

Explaining Residential Addiction Treatment

Sometimes called inpatient treatment, residential addiction treatment requires clients to live at a facility 24/7. During their time in a structured and supervised environment, individuals have the chance to focus solely on recovery. They’ll undergo comprehensive individual and group counseling as they work with professionals to understand their disease.

During Serenity House residential addiction treatment, clients also learn helpful strategies and coping skills for dealing with post-rehab life. They’ll begin to understand how stress and environmental triggers can easily lead to relapse. Additionally, they’ll learn plans for combating these obstacles to recovery.

What We Offer

People who choose Serenity House residential addiction treatment can take advantage of beneficial therapy approaches, including:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Meditation therapy

Serenity House Residential Addiction Treatment Sets the Stage for a New Life

Whether it’s your first time seeking substance abuse treatment or you’ve tried in the past, Serenity House rehab centers are equipped to meet you where you are in recovery. To learn more about Serenity House Health, call our professionals today at 866-650-0631.