At Serenity House Health, we offer a variety of addiction treatment services to help individuals progress toward sobriety. While most people start their journeys with detox programs to overcome their chemical dependence, the path to lasting recovery is much more involved. In order to set a solid foundation for sobriety, we recommend that clients transition into residential treatment following detox.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Also known as inpatient care, residential treatment offers individuals in early recovery 24/7 care and supervision following detox. Additionally, these types of programs provide much-needed structure. Adhering to an everyday routine allows individuals to start holding themselves accountable for their actions. When individuals undergo detox and inpatient rehab in succession, they stand a much better chance of sustaining their recoveries.

Therapeutic Modalities

Woman therapist comforting man in group counseling during residential treatmentDuring their time at Serenity House Health, clients receive therapy in numerous settings. One-on-one counseling lays the groundwork for future change. Therapists and counselors work with clients to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction. Professionals also employ psychotherapy approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in order to transform negative behaviors and thought patterns.

To supplement individual therapy, we also offer group therapy sessions. Led by an experienced therapist or counselor, peers in recovery share issues and collaborate with others to solve common problems. During the process, these individuals begin to form lifelong bonds that will be beneficial long after they leave our facility.

Of course, addiction affects more than just the user. While it affects everyone involved, family often feels the brunt of the pain. To rebuild relationships and re-establish communication, Serenity House Health also offers family therapy. These counseling sessions educate both users and families about addiction. Additionally, they provide a sounding board for both parties to share their concerns.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders During Residential Treatment

Addiction is difficult enough to overcome by itself. However, for individuals with a co-occurring mental health disorder, recovery can be especially tricky. Addressing the addiction without treating the co-occurring mental health condition can be a surefire path to relapse. The professionals at Serenity House Health understand this risk, which is why we offer dual diagnosis therapy as part of residential program track.

More Than Talk Therapy

At Serenity House Health, we believe that the above forms of talk therapy create a working framework for change. However, we also offer numerous holistic approaches to help individuals gain spirituality while getting the most out of treatment. Examples of beneficial holistic therapies include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Physical exercise
  • Chiropractic care

Start Recovering Today

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