Addiction Treatment Locations

Individuals stuck in the cycle of addiction may feel as though recovery is impossible. However, the right help can lead to lasting change. If you or someone you love is seeking a new addiction-free life, Serenity House Health offers hope. Professionals at Serenity House rehab centers can help you get started on the journey to recovery.

Counseling at Serenity House Rehab Centers

The Journey Starts at Serenity House Rehab Centers

Have you or a loved one decided that enough is enough? The first instinct may be to jump right into a rehab facility. However, to ensure that you begin your recovery journey on the right foot.

After long-term substance abuse, the body becomes used to receiving drugs or alcohol. Therefore, when you try to quit, the body responds adversely with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

The Journey Continues at Residential Treatment Centers

Serenity House rehab centers offer residential treatment options that allow clients to continue their journey to sobriety. Under 24/7 care and supervision, you’ll undergo extensive individual and group therapy sessions that help you explore the reasons behind your drug or alcohol use. In addition to evidence-based therapy approaches, we also offer holistic solutions like meditation and chiropractic care.

Serenity House residential addiction treatment centers allow you to build a solid foundation for your recovery. While receiving high-quality addiction treatment, you’ll also learn helpful relapse prevention strategies and coping skills that will help you thrive in post-treatment life.

Take the First Step to a New Life with Serenity House Rehab Centers

If you’re tired of letting substance abuse and addiction control your entire life, Serenity House Health is ready to help. Contact our admissions offices today at 866-650-0631.