For those struggling with drugs or alcohol, it takes a medical intervention to start healing. At Serenity House Health, we understand the grip that these substances have on your mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment approaches in order to help individuals achieve sobriety.

Who Needs Substance Abuse Treatment?

Group counseling during substance abuse treatmentLike many people, your drug or alcohol use may have started with a drink here or a pill there. Before you knew it, you began using more and more. If you’re reading this, chances are that your life revolves around these substances. Without professional substance abuse treatment, drugs and alcohol could cost you your job, your house, and even your family.

However, at Serenity House Health, we believe that it’s not too late to change your life. No matter your struggles, we meet clients where they are in recovery. Our compassionate professionals take your health and addiction history into account in order to create a personalized plan for lasting sobriety.

Addiction treatment services feature:

  • 24/7 supervision, care, and structure that’s beneficial during early recovery
  • One-on-one psychotherapy sessions that uncover the reasons behind addiction
  • Group therapy for addiction that allows peers to learn, share, and grow with each other in recovery
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and trauma
  • Holistic therapy methods like yoga and meditation that add a spiritual component to recovery

The Path to True Change Begins Here

Don’t let addiction rob you of a promising future. Our substance abuse treatment programs could be the start of a more fulfilling life. To learn more about Serenity House Health, call us today at 866-650-0631.